Best Places to Buy Activated Charcoal Tooth Cleaning and Whitening Products Online

Being a fairly new concept (as of this writing), activated charcoal toothpaste and tooth powder products are not actually the easiest to find online – but there are some places to find them and for good prices, too.

Where to Buy it Online

@ – Right off the bat, Amazon stands out as the best place to buy charcoal toothpastes and other activated charcoal teeth products. There are both popular brands and independent sellers (possibly that make and manufacture their own) – definitely worth checking out here.

@ – Similar to Amazon, eBay has both popular products and independently made and marketed products. You also will likely find some great options to purchase in bulk if you are planning to use this kind of product over time or have it in large quantities for any reason. Here is a good place to find it.

Option – Make Your Own

Given the fact that charcoal teeth cleaning products are not exactly being mass produced these days, there is an option to make your own.

I found a recipe that includes a few rather simple ingredients (likely you will need to purchase some of them, and some of them you may have sitting in your kitchen pantry). Here is what you will need (links to purchase ingredients included below):

How to make it:

Based on the absolute raves that people are giving on cleaning teeth with activated charcoal, it is likely in the future that more resources will come available to purchase these products online. However – no matter when you are looking, the above shopping resources and recipe option will very likely always be the best to use.

Additional Resources:

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