Online Shopping for Infant, Baby and Toddler Travel Systems

Parents who own them know this:  baby travel systems are a lifesaver.  In fact, I would say that if you are a parent, before shopping for a stroller it is a good idea to go ahead and opt for the entire travel system.  After all, you are going to need a stroller, you are also going to need a car seat – and having both (built to work together) can simplify life just that much more (something that new parents can appreciate)!

With that out of the way – based on my experience, here are some tips on where to shop for them…

Where to Buy Them Online

@ Baby – Yes, I am yet again singing the praises of the great Amazon gods – and again, for good reason. There are not only a huge number of travel systems here, the prices are sometimes marked down more than anywhere else I could find. With such an amazing selection, you are bound to find the stroller that you really want, whether you’re searching for something very simple and inexpensive or more elaborate with additional “bells and whistles.” In fact, Amazon has an entire section of their site set aside just for travel systems – choose the different features you want in the bar on the left, choose the price range, color, etc., and it will very nicely pop up the strollers that fit what you are searching for. Easy, simple and probably less than you will spend on another site. Here is a link to their travel systems.

@ – With the recent changes to eBay’s site, it is much, much easier to narrow down tons of items to just the ones that you want. Similar to Amazon, you will find various options in the left-hand bar (color, accessories, features) – but one difference is that you can also find them used if you are really looking to save money. Often, you can find a stroller or travel system used that is still in quite good condition and will still fit your needs. Here is a link to the travel systems on eBay.

@ BabiesRUs – Next to Amazon and eBay, I would next give a check to this site. There are many, many travel systems to choose from, and it appears that they have significant markdown prices on a number of them. Good selection, decent prices – and a good place to check if you are looking to price compare a specific system. Here is a link to the travel systems on BabiesRUs.

@ – Right off the bat, what I see in their baby travel systems section is an excellent one that is being listed for an almost unheard-of price. There is a ton of selection of colors, brands, and you also have the option to filter by price in the bar on the left. Generally speaking, I would also say that you will possibly find a great travel system for a low price – here is a link to the travel systems @ Walmart.

@ – This is my favorite <b>new</b> resource for baby strollers and other equipment. While their inventory of travel systems is more limited compared to the above resources, they nevertheless carry the “latest and greatest,” including some exclusive colors. I also agree with the choices that they are featuring more toward the top of the page – love them. Here is a link to the travel systems on this site.

@ – Decent. I am listing them last due to the fact that (at this writing), their selection is quite a bit less than any of the other resources online that I have checked. Nevertheless, if you are really in search mode, it is worth a stop to see what they have, and to possibly compare prices here on a specific stroller (although chances are that you won’t find exactly the same one since the inventory is limited).  Here is a link to find them at Target.

A final word – One thing that I have noticed about strollers and baby travel system shopping online is that the popular websites can change from year to year – in other words, the online stores that show up in search results and are generally worth looking over.  Given that fact, I will be paying back a visit to this page from time to time to make sure that the resources above stay up to date.

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