The benefits of coconut water are many – but to give you some of the highlights, it contains a good concentration of much-needed minerals, it has antioxidants to neutralize free radicals and it is beautifully hydrating for the body.

And there are other products that contain it as well such as coconut water kefir (which can also pretty easily be made right at home) and other beverages which include it for an extra punch of nutrition.

While I could go on and on about all the benefits that coconut water has to offer, this article zeros in on one thing: where to buy coconut water and other related products online.

So here we go…

Check out my favorite place to buy coconut water online...

Where to buy coconut water online for the best price

If you – like many – are searching for the lowest price on coconut water I can definitely help you out there.

But keep in mind – this is “coconut water” in general. In other words, for each brand and type there may or may not be the very best prices with these recommendations, but the chances are very good that you will find the one that you love (or want to try) for the lowest price, or at least a comparably low cost.


  • Buy it @ Amazon Grocery – Here is the widest selection I have found online, with the most popular brands at discount prices and the lowest prices I have found overall.  Chances are good that if you are looking for a specialized brand you will also find that here.
  • Buy it @ – Wonderful selection with a wide variety of coconut water brands that are known to be the healthiest.  Love this site for their low prices as well.
  • Buy it @ – I was quite impressed with the prices and selection at Jet for coconut water.  I also love their shopping discount setup – the more you buy, the less you pay for each item.  If you have a shopping list to deal with (in addition to the coconut water you would like to buy), this might be the place to buy it.

Where to buy coconut water online in bulk

If you already know that you will be drinking quite a bit of coconut water, chances are that you will save even more money if you buy it online in bulk quantities.

Most often, when looking and pricing coconut water in bulk, I found it in quantities of 12 cartons or bottles. 

That said, there are two places I would check to buy it for the lowest price per container (and per ounce) online when buying in multiple quantities:


  • Buy it @ Amazon Grocery – Even when looking for coconut water in online stores that specialize in bulk quantities and prices, Amazon takes the prize for the lowest price when buying in bulk.  Normally you will find coconut water in quantities of 12 here, and after crunching the numbers, this is the lowest price I was able to find.  A steal, especially if you are a Prime member and getting free shipping out of the deal.
  • Buy it @ – I have become rather fond of, for good reason.  Sometimes you simply cannot beat the prices.  When searching for coconut water here I came across some unique brands that I had not seen before, and in my humble opinion, are worth checking out.  Good prices too, and of course you can find coconut water here in bulk.
  • Buy it @ – Even with general brands of coconut water I personally was not able to find it at eBay for a lower price than Amazon, but I would be remiss if I told you not check out the auctions on eBay before making a final purchase decision.  This is because the prices and auctions can vary from day to day, and it is always worth checking out.

Where to buy flavored coconut water online

One of the more recent updates to coconut water is different flavors – there are some absolutely delicious tastes available these days in the lineup

Pineapple is a biggie – seems that lots of brands have added this on, which makes sense since it is known to combine with coconut so well. A couple of other flavors I came across (and am eager to try) are Peach, Mango, Watermelon and Raspberry. But, the choices seem to be practically endless.

When it comes to moving into the world of fruit (and other) flavored coconut waters, I have two suggestions for shopping:


  • Buy @ Amazon Grocery – I swear I am not playing favorites here – Amazon does truly take the prize again for having the best selection and the lowest prices on flavored coconut waters.  Any flavor that I searched for in other places also shows up here on Amazon (although you may need to do a separate search for the particular flavor you might be looking for).  Some of the most unique (and yummy-sounding) flavors I came across for coconut water include Pineapple, Peach, Cafe (that’s coffee – not totally sure about this one) and Watermelon.  
  • Buy @ – Again, a wonderful selection of coconut water that includes different yummy flavors.  The prices (when I looked) didn’t quite beat out Amazon, but they come pretty close and it’s worth checking it out for prices before a final purchase.

Where to buy organic coconut water online

Admittedly, I do not always stick to organic, but I do know that it is healthier and purchase it when I can. Perhaps especially when it comes to coconut water this is an important factor to consider – many brands and types are not organic and are more processed than I would like, removing some of the nutritional value.

One rule of thumb that I know – the less food is “messed with,” before it is eaten, the easier it is for the body to assimilate and the healthier it is.

Which is where the selection of organic coconut water comes in. There are a number of brands of organic coconut water to choose from, but where to buy it? Here are my tips:


  • Buy @ – Love this store.  And I actually did find that there is a better selection of organic coconut water here than anywhere else I could find online.  One tip here though – this store mainly sells in singles (not in bulk), so you might want to factor that in when considering pricing.  
  • Buy @ Amazon Grocery – Again, Amazon Grocery is a good resource, but one word of caution:  If truly “organic” is important to you, I found that some of the listings that came up on searching actually were not organic.  Even when sorting in different ways, I found that to be true.  That being the case, I have done a bit of research to find which organic brands of coconut water were the best (healthiest), and have done some searching for you.  Here are some coconut waters that really are organic (and known as using the healthiest methods of packaging), on Amazon – check them out by individual name and you might just find the best prices:

Where to buy Harmless Harvest coconut water online

Harmless Organic Coconut Water, Original 16oz (Pack of 12)
List Price: $88.99
Price: $53.88
You Save: $35.11
Price Disclaimer

There has been a lot of noise in the world of natural and organic products these days about Harmless Harvest coconut water. It is truly one of the healthiest pre-packaged coconut waters available.

Always made from pure young coconuts, this brand has a wonderful flavor, it is fair trade certified, sustainably sourced and no GMOs or artificial anything.

It comes in a couple of sizes – 16 oz and 8.75 oz.  There are a few places online that actually sell it (it’s not all that easy to come by), and only one that I would truly recommend to buy it (at this point in time) for a decent price:


  • Buy @ Amazon Grocery (16 oz., pack of 12) – This is definitely the least expensive option when it comes to buying it by the ounce.  Unless you have a reason to buy the smaller size (more portable, etc.) I would stick to this size, and this particular sales resource.
  • Buy @ Amazon Grocery (8.75 oz., pack of 12) – Here is another option, but after crunching the numbers it costs a bit more per ounce to buy the smaller bottles.  If you need something that is a bit more “on the go” of this brand, then this is the way to go.

Where to buy coconut water powder online

Activz Coconut Water Powder Powder,13.6oz
List Price: $36.40
Price: $36.40
Price Disclaimer

Until fairly recently I had no idea that coconut water powder even existed!  But, it turns out that it is a good way to buy it without any preservatives or artificial ingredients, yet it will have a longer shelf life.

The brand that I show on the left (Activz) appears to be a current favorite, and I was happily surprised to find out that it is also organic and no other “funny stuff” added to it.  

There are, of course, other brands to choose from – in fact there are quite a number of them.  Here are my overall shopping recommendations on where to buy coconut water powder online:


  • Buy @ Amazon Grocery – Here is by far the best selection of coconut water powders, and the prices are right.  
  • Buy @ – While I don’t really like the prices for coconut waters on eBay, the powders seem to be a different story.  Not only do the prices seem to be right, you can find quite a number of different brands here.
  • Buy @ – iHerb carries a couple of very good brands of coconut water powder, and the prices are lower than on other “health food store” websites.

Where to buy coconut water kefir and kefir grains online

Coconut water kefir is a powerful supplement – it is an amazing probiotic, helping your body’s digestive system and helping to increase immune system.  (In my experience, it also was amazing for helping regulate my blood sugar!)

If you are a fan of coconut water kefir (as I am), there are a couple of ways to go when it comes to getting it – buying it pre-packaged or making it yourself. 

If you do opt to make it yourself, you will of course need water kefir grains, and some good ones.  You also should have top-quality coconut water made from baby coconuts, and it optimally should be organic.  (This in my opinion is the best way to go.)

If you buy it pre-made, it will also need to be very high quality, and you might pay quite a bit for shipping since it needs to be shipped cold (and kept cold after it arrives).

Here are all of the options I have found online that I will actually recommend for either coconut water kefir or kefir grains:


  • Coconut Water Kefir (Pre-Made) @ Amazon – This is literally the only place I was able to find pure pre-made coconut water kefir online.  (I do believe that there are some companies that sell and ship it, but again shipping is a bit tricky due to the fact that it needs to arrive cold and be kept cold.  There is also a bit of a risk involved with some jolting that might happen in shipment – the kefir can generate quite a bit of pressure and opening it can be an explosive experience!
  • Water kefir grains @ – I checked on eBay early on because I had a feeling that there would be plenty of individual sellers that provide fresh kefir grains — and I was right.  🙂  You can also find a popular (and well-rated) dehydrated variety here.  Good place to check, especially if you have special needs.  (Just make sure to pay special attention to the rating of the seller – it is best to choose a seller with great reviews, and plenty of them.)

Final words from the author on shopping for coconut water products online

Coconut water started off as sort of a “trendy” beverage several years back, and it has since become much, much more than that. Now known more widely as a truly excellent addition to one’s diet and many people are relying on it for many of its health benefits.

For those of you who are concentrating on low prices, organic, specific brands or are searching for coconut water kefir (or grains), the above recommendations are a representation of due diligence on my part. Understanding the importance of really getting the product you need, I can say that I really worked the subject around and found the best shopping resources to date.

Shopping tips for coconut water and coconut water kefir - where to buy it online

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