Ideas in Gourmet Dark and Milk Chocolate Gifts and Where to Buy Online

When it comes to giving a gift of dark or milk chocolate as a gift, it can make a big difference to “do it right.” That means expanding one’s horizons a bit and moving into the world of gourmet chocolate.

Fortunately there is no shortage of wonderful online resources to shop from. But some places are better than others, and depending on your budget, shopping preferences, etc., you might want to find your own “go to” place where you can truly find the best chocolate gifts for a special friend, co-worker or family member.

Here I will give you my tips on where I have found to be the best places to shop online for chocolate gift-giving for any occasion.


Dark Chocolate Truffles at Harry & David

Our Dark Chocolate Truffles are expertly crafted and hand-decorated in our Southern Oregon candy kitchen. Shop the Dark Chocolate Truffles today!

Tower of Chocolates® Gift | Chocolate Gifts | Harry & David

Order the Tower of Chocolates Gift from Harry & David. For more than 80 years, we've delivered expertly crafted delight.

Signature Chocolate Truffles Gift Box| Chocolate Gifts | Harry & David

Order the Signature Chocolate Truffles from Harry & David. For more than 80 years, we've delivered expertly crafted delight.

Without a doubt I can say that Harry and David is the perfect place to buy chocolate gifts online.

Not only is this a perfect “go-to” spot for the best chocolate gifts by general popularity, I can actually attest to this personally – I have both received and given chocolate gifts from Harry and David, and both ways they are always a hit!

The entire site is pretty much laden with wonderful gifts, but if you truly want some “can’t miss” gift picks for just about anyone – whether they are a dark chocolate lover, milk chocolate fan (or both), the picks lined up above will probably include a perfect choice.


I go back and forth on whether Godiva Chocolatiers or Harry & David would be a better choice when it comes to buying chocolate gifts – I would say that both are wonderful, but I think it’s a good idea to check both places out.

The main points where I could see that Godiva might be a better choice is if…

  • Your “giftee” truly has a sweet tooth for without-a-doubt-finest chocolate
  • If you have a specific special occasion to buy for (holiday, birthday, Valentines Day, etc.)
  • If you want to buy a personalized gift

Just above is a lineup of 8 different occasions and situations to buy for – click on any of the buttons to check out those special chocolate gifts at the Godiva official website.


Artisanal Chocolate Truffles – 12 Piece

Indulge someone special with this decadent collection of artisanal chocolate truffles. Featuring the perfect balance of traditional favorites, like milk chocolate and red velvet, and trend-forward flavors, including ancho chile and Earl Grey, this is a gift that’s perfect for sharing, with a little something for everyone.

Handmade Caramel & Pretzel Sampler

Where do we start with a delicious, and abundant, gift like this? Whoever you send the Handmade Caramel & Pretzel Sampler to will be delightfully overwhelmed with the choices! Each Salted Caramel is smothered in milk or dark chocolate and sprinkled with Sel Gris, otherwise known as gray sea salt.

Salted Caramel Chocolate Covered OREO® Cookies

This gift is the definition of decadence. We’ve taken OREO® cookies, topped them with caramel and dark or milk chocolate, then sprinkled them with sea salt. A perfect indulgence that’s sure to delight even the most discerning dessert lovers.

Handmade Gray Sea Salted Caramels

For the gourmand in your life. These Handmade Gray Sea Salted Caramels are the perfect end to a gourmet dinner. Each caramel is smothered in milk or dark chocolate and sprinkled with Sel Gris, otherwise known as gray sea salt. Sweet, salty, smooth, crunchy.

Undoubtedly, Shari’s Berries is a wonderful place to buy chocolate gifts online. Especially if you’re searching for something a bit more on the indulgent side, this is the perfect place to shop.

Probably most famous for their chocolate covered strawberries, Shari’s Berries seems to have expanded quite a bit on their other chocolate gift ideas.

I found some amazing gifts that I would personally love, and to be honest I can think of almost no one who wouldn’t practically swoon when they open a gift from this site and find what’s inside.

I have picked out some of the most popular gifts on the Shari’s Berries website – shown above. You can also check out all of the gifts in the above large blue section.


I have found that it is really tough to beat in terms of finding a wonderful gift of food. Their gift baskets and boxes are the ultimate in elegance, with some truly unique gift ideas.

The reason I have listed them as my last choice on this page is just this – their choices are more limited for strictly chocolate gifts – but they are nevertheless wonderful gift choices. Completely different from any other online resource I have found, these sweets will very likely be a huge hit, and it is also quite likely that your recipient has never had anything quite like it before.

Just above are the choices that I found on the igourmet website, that I think you will agree are delightful choices for even the pickiest of chocolate lovers. (Or – in the blue section above, check out all the chocolate gifts available on the website.)


There is no shortage of online resources to buy chocolate gifts. But, when it comes to gourmet gifts, I have found that the above resources truly are the best. The receiver of your gift will likely be (very) happy about what he or she has received, with a big, chocolate-lovin’ smile when they open it.

No matter what the occasion might be.

Best Places to Buy Dark and Milk Gourmet Chocolate Gifts Online

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