Over the past few years, fruit infused water has become quite a movement. And understandably so! There are so many benefits to drinking infused water that they are practically countless. Weight loss, hydration – and depending on which fruit is used for the infusion, many other benefits are available as well.

While there are a number of ways to go about infusing fruit in water, by far the simplest method (and apparently the one that works the best) is using a bottle or pitcher specifically made for the purpose – to infuse various kinds of fruits (veggies and herbs to) with water.

Given the fact that I have done a good amount of searching for fruit infused water bottles and pitchers online, here I will give you some tips on where to buy a high quality product for a good price.

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Buy Them @ Amazon Kitchen & Home

Easily, the best place to find fruit infused water bottles and pitchers is on Amazon.

Not only is there (by far) more selection on Amazon, the prices are in-line and you can also get more info by finding bottles with high ratings, with plenty of reviews – so you can make sure that you get a top-quality one and don’t waste your money.

I scanned to find out which ones people were buying the most, and which ones have gotten the highest number of stars in their rating, along with the best reviews. I have included the best ones that I could find below, or you could check here to find the ones that are currently featured on Amazon.

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Buy Them @ eBay Auctions

One of my final places to look for fruit infused bottles and pitchers, but after finding them there I remembered the new commercial that says something to the effect of, “Have you checked for it on eBay?”

True enough.

I found some great deals – as well as some of the best quality fruit infused water bottles and pitchers on eBay and am finding myself sort of self-scolding that I had not thought to check it before.

In short – yes, I absolutely recommend it as a place to find the bottles and pitchers for fruit infusion.

Check ’em out…

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Buy Them @ Walmart.com

Second to Amazon and eBay, Walmart has quite a good selection of fruit infused water bottles – and…

  • Bonus! The prices are quite low.

The only possible downside is that the brands I see on the site do not appear to be as well-known, and by far, there are fewer ratings and reviews given.

But – if you are looking to save some cash, Walmart is a great place to check out – for both fruit infusion bottles and pitchers.

Check ’em out…

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Buy Them @ Bed Bath & Beyond

When I first opened up the “BB & B” site, the first thing I noticed was the apparent quality of both fruit infusion water bottles and pitchers.

Even though they were not displayed very prominently, one of the bottles caught my attention most quickly, and became an instant favorite – the Eco Vessel Boss. This stainless steel bottle can withstand both hot and cold beverages of all kinds, but as a “bonus” it comes with a fruit infuser to add some flavor and nutrition to either water or tea.

On the pitchers – yes, I see some good ones there, but not nearly as much selection as the resources above on the page.

Overall the prices are a bit higher than either on Amazon or Walmart sites, but it might be worth it to go above and beyond with the quality.

Find ’em below…

One final word – rather a unique circumstance when I began shopping and found where I could buy fruit infusion water bottles and pitchers online is the fact that there are actually not as many resources as there are for some other types of products.

In other words – what I recommend above to shop for the infusion pitchers and bottles really are not only the best places to find them but since the alternatives are fairly few and far between, they are actually almost the only places to find them (at this writing) – at least with any decent amount in stock or at a decent price.

As always, have fun shopping!

Where to buy fruit infused water bottles and pitchers online?  Here is where to find them...

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