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When I first started researching the subject of gourmet caramel popcorn – specifically looking into the prospect of buying it pre-made (as opposed to making it, which would never happen), I found some incredibly yummy varieties of caramel corn – and also came across some wonderful online resources that make and sell it.

This is my second year of looking up this wonderful feast-for-the-tongue, and the online gourmet companies and merchants that are the best have remained pretty consistent.

That said, here are my tips on finding the very best gourmet caramel popcorn…

Where to Buy it Online

@ Harry & David – Famous for their Moose Munch caramel corn. Yes. If you Google the phrase “gourmet caramel popcorn” (without quotes), I can bet that you will find this company somewhere toward the top of page 1. For years now, this brand and recipe of caramel corn has been melting the hearts and tongues of aficianados. The variety to choose from ranges from their original recipe to dark chocolate (my favorite). Caution – you may not want to stop eating it. 🙂 Here is where to find it @ Harry @ David.

@ – In the gourmet food section on Amazon, there is an amazing variety of gourmet caramel corn available. They carry just about any brand that you can think of, including Popcornopolis (their Zebra corn is YUM!), Werthers (yes, they make it too) – and my new favorite, Funky Chunky. 🙂 Perhaps the best thing about buying it on Amazon is the number of independent sellers that make it – that are getting rave ratings and reviews. Here is where to find it on Amazon.

@ The Popcorn Factory – Not only will you find some wonderful caramel corn here, you will find many different varieties of other types – in fact they seem to specialize in providing gifts for popcorn lovers no matter if the person is a sports fan or simply a snack lover. Here is where to find their caramel popcorn.

@ Dylan’s Candy Bar – Dylan’s has translated their famous candy bars onto – popcorn! And of course, they make a wonderful, delicious caramel corn too (actually chocolate caramel). I love this company – their stores (offline) are promoted as being a “modern day version of Willy Wonka’s factory.” 🙂 Here is where to find it @ Dylan’s.

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