For those who love to snack, and yet are concerned about the nutrition and calorie intake of the foods you eat, kale chips are the perfect option. With loads of nutrition and not much in the way of calories, kale chips are some of the best vegetable chips and can be the perfect solution to snacking throughout the day. They can not only curb your hunger pangs, but they will help provide a nice boost in energy! And – they’re surprisingly delicious! These days there are a number of different brands (most of them are top-notch) that make kale chips, which thankfully makes it relatively easy to find them online. But the question becomes, “Which places online are the best to buy them?” Here I will let you in on my secrets in shopping for kale chips online – which online resources are the best places to buy them for low prices and product availability – from retailers who can be trusted and are easy to buy from.

Buy kale chips @

One of my recently-favorited health food and nutrition websites is I love their selection, and apparently this site is getting quite a number of raves from their online visitors and buyers. And yes, they have a great supply of kale chips – with prices that won’t break the bank. If you are a traditional “chip lover,” you will probably be quite pleasantly surprised at the variety they offer – everything from salt and vinegar to Ranch to vegan-friendly cheese, there are quite a number of kale chips to choose from. Additionally, they offer other super-healthy snacks with kale mixed right in. In my eyes, “Nuts” is the perfect place (and definitely the best place) to buy kale chips online.

Buy kale chips @ Vitacost

Vitacost has become one of my favorite places to shop for vitamins – and now kale chips too! They have a surprisingly good selection of them, with brands similar to other major merchants, but even more variety of flavors and sizes to choose from, including a rather unusual and fun flavor, “mango habanero!” I also like the fact that it is not necessary to order them in bulk, which makes it a bit easier on the wallet if you’re not interested in buying a bunch of bags at once.

Buy kale chips @ Amazon Grocery

Definitely a good place to buy kale chips, Amazon does it again with their abundance of products in the grocery section. Here I see a lot of popular healthy brand-names for kale chips (my favorite is the Rhythm brand), with rather good ratings and reviews (some “dingers” among the reviews, though). If you are interested in buying kale chips in quantity, this is the place to get them it seems. At first when I was looking over what I found when searching, I was a bit alarmed at the prices, but then realized that you buy them in quantities of about 4 bags or more, which made a lot more sense.

Buy kale chips @

I am not used to seeing much in the way of health food at Walmart stores, but online is apparently a different story! There is actually quite a variety of kale chips here (among other things) at very good prices (look carefully though – some of the listings are for individual sellers and are inflated in price). And, I see the same similar name brands here for kale chips including Simply 7 and Rhythm. Tip: Stay close to the top of the listings when you search for kale chips (try this link to find them), and try to avoid any of the “Sold & Shipped by…” listings.

A lot of health-minded folks these days are turning to kale chips as their “go to” snack for a number of reasons – they’re (of course) uber-healthy, they satisfy the “crunch urge” that many of us have, and yes, they are quite yummy. I hope that you find the sales resources given above helping you to find them online, and have a good experience with the snack as well as the service you receive. Happy snacking! 🙂

Where to Buy Kale Chips - online shopping tips on where to find kale chips online

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