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There is quite a bit that goes into shopping for and choosing a good bike for a child. Size, experience level, the individual boy or girl’s sense of adventure and individual taste can all be factors.  But there is one thing that most kids have in common – the sense of fun and freedom that go along with riding their very own bicycle.

Many people may have the idea that the only way to buy a bicycle is to have their child sit on it and try it out to see if he or she is the right size for it. While this works, it can seriously limit shopping options – there are so many different bikes to choose from that it is a shame actually that more people do not shop on the internet when ready to buy.

But for those that do consider the shopping online option, I will here pass along the info that I have after several years of “digging around” on various websites:  which ones are the best for buying kids’ bikes.

Where to Buy Them Online

@ – Yep, Amazon wins again as a “best place to shop” website in this case. When you go to the kids’ bikes section of the site, the first thing that you see toward the top of the page is an easy-to-understand “shop by age and wheel size” section. Just below that, there are obvious categories for boys’ and girls’ bikes, balance bikes and a couple more breakdowns in the bicycle category. Super easy to shop here, helping moms and dads quickly zero in on just the right bike, and there are apparently more here to choose from than any other merchant site I have seen. Here is a link to their kids’ bikes page.

@ – I would say that ToysRUs is also a good starting point when trying to zero on on a good bike based on children’s age, skill level and size. They have a pretty handy “bike finder” page to start with, allowing you to choose bikes for boys, girls or one of us grownups. From there it steps you through the height of the child (thus wheel size), etc., etc. The selection here on the site is also not so bad. 🙂 While I have a bit of a history of not liking the shopping experience on this site, I would definitely make an exception when it comes to finding a great bike for a boy or girl.  Here is a link to their kids’ bikes page.

@ – If you already know what size bike (wheel inches) you need, this is a great place to shop. While they do not give you instructions on how to find the right bike in the first place, they nevertheless offer a huge selection, with more variety in terms of kids’ favorite characters and themes. You can also likely score a nice, low price here on the Walmart site. Here is a link to find their kids’ bikes.

@ – There are two things that stand out to me when looking over the children’s bicycle section of this site – first, they are incredibly helpful when it comes to the learning stage, even giving a guide on teaching a child to ride a bike. Second, they also have a number of bikes that are “REI Only,” which are apparently getting excellent reviews. The selection is much more limited here than at any of the above sites, but it appears to be an excellent resource regardless. Here is their kids’ bikes page.

@ – While Target manages to score highly in the search engines for a “kids bikes” search, they – in my opinion – fall short in terms of how easy they make it to find a good bike. Unless you already know that a child would like one of the first bikes that pop up toward the top of the page (and that the bike would work for that child), you’re going to have to go digging. But – the selection is decent and I notice right off the bat that the quality of bikes they are selling is quite high, and they are strongly promoting the ones that are getting the highest ratings from consumers. Here is a link to their bikes for kids page.

@ – If you already know the size of bicycle you are searching for, and if you know which style of bike you want (BMX, mountain bike, etc.), then this is a good place to check out. Huge selection of bikes, and there are ways to sift through and narrow down to the one you want. Another bonus if you shop on eBay – there are quite a number that are used, and you will likely get a good bike for a great price. (Just make sure to check the seller’s rating to ensure that you don’t get a poor quality product.) Here is a link to the main bikes page on eBay.

Those are the highlights – you might consider starting on one of the first two sites recommended above, find a bike you are searching for at the right size, then doing a bit of price comparison by searching on each of the sites above.

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