Shopping Online for Outdoor Playhouses

Kids, kids, kids.  Yep, I am jealous of ’em – I absolutely love the toys that are available these days, and would have obsessed over one of today’s outdoor playhouses when I was a little girl.  Sigh.

But I digress.

Given the fact that my occupation mainly involves researching, writing about and looking up toys for kids, I have a good amount of experience in judging which backyard playhouses to consider buying – and which ones to stay away from.  I also know which online merchants are the best for finding and buying them online.

So – when talking about outdoor playhouses for kids…

Where to Buy Them Online

@ – If I were personally shopping for a playhouse for my kids, I would stop here first. Reason: There is a huge selection to choose from. The most popular and most highly rated ones are right here – plus much more. Yes here I would make this the first stop, and pick out the one that I wanted – then I would start price comparisons at other stores. However, chances are that you will find the lowest price here, depending on which one you choose. Here is where to find them on Amazon.

@ – I love Sam’s Club online. When I search here for outdoor playhouses, I find both plastic and wooden ones, and the prices are definitely lower than what you can find elsewhere – generally speaking, that is. When I see the ones that they are stocking online, they are the ones that people seem to be buying the most anyway, even though their complete stock is much less than other stores.  Here is where to find them from Sam’s Club.

@ – In the category of children’s backyard playhouses, Wayfair really shines. Not only do they carry the most popular ones with plastic construction, you can also find some absolutely gorgeous wooden playhouses. Definitely worth a stop – in fact, depending on what you have in mind to buy for a child, it might be a great first stop and possibly the last stop you make while shopping.  Here is where they can be found @ Wayfair.

@ – I was actually surprised to see that Home Depot carries plastic playhouses – I have seen quite a number of wooden playhouses, play sets, etc., but had not suspected that Home Depot could be considered a general outdoor toy store but apparently I was wrong. 🙂 Here is where to find them @ Home Depot.

@ – Here you will mainly find the plastic children’s playhouses, but there are a few wooden ones as well (as of this writing). If I were shopping for my own child, I would utilize this site for price comparisons – I notice that with some of the playhouses they have a lower price than on Amazon.

@ – Another site I would use as a price comparison resource. Once you find the playhouse you like, do a search for the specific make and name of it on eBay, and you will come up with listings for that single one (as opposed to looking for “playhouse” in general which would give an overwhelming number of search results). Another way to approach using eBay is to do a general search for “playhouses” and narrow down by price or other features you want. Here is where to find them on eBay.

Hopefully this little “shopping tour” has helped you to find the right backyard playhouse for a specific little one. 🙂

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