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It seems like it would be a simple enough matter – buying a remote control vehicle for a child. However, when it comes to doing the actual shopping, I have found out that there are quite a number of RC vehicles that are not necessarily for kids, that are mixed in with a “kids toys” category.

Whenever I am focusing on my “best kids’ RC cars” work online, I have found that there is quite a bit of sorting and looking closer than with some other toy categories.

So – with that in mind, I will pass along a few tips on shopping for children’s remote control vehicles…

Where to Buy Them Online

@ – This is one case where I would recommend Toys R Us over other stores. (Normally I don’t actually appreciate this site’s features.) At any rate – there is a fantastic selection of remote control vehicles here that are kid-friendly. Whether your kiddo is a heli enthusiast, a racetrack buff or a fan of cars, there is a wide variety to choose from here for kids just about any age. Here is where to buy them @ ToysRUs.

@ Amazon Toys – Yes, again I love Amazon. Here what I have found is an especially great selection of RC cars and other vehicles for young children, even of toddler age. And – it is of course easy to read the reviews, and there are usually plenty of (honest) reviews to look over. Amazing selection, and with the number that are carried here, it is easy to find the ones that kids are “oohing and ahhhing” over more than the rest. There is one point here to pay attention to, however – Amazon sometimes has “big kids” (adults’ and teens’) RC cars mixed in with the ones for younger kids, which can get a bit on the confusing side. Just pay attention to the recommended ages for each product page and you should be fine. Here is where to find them on

@ – What strikes me the most when I check out RC vehicles at Walmart is that there are quite a number of different vehicles to choose from than other resources. You can probably find one here at a great price, and there are an especially large number of “stunt RCs” that some rough and tumble fans will have a great time with. Here is where to find them @ Walmart.

@ – Careful, here. HobbyTron (currently) shows up on page 1 of for a “kids RC cars” search, but the ones that come up right off the bat are pretty much for older kids, teens or adult enthusiasts. Great for kids that already have a good amount of experience with RC cars and other vehicles, but don’t buy one of these for a younger kiddo – at least I wouldn’t due to probably being concerned about them being handled a bit too roughly. On the other hand, there are some sooooooper cool cars here for hobbyists, and this online store has a good reputation for quality. Here is where to find them @ HobbyTron.

Additional Resources:

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