Among all categories of children’s toys, there is very likely no more loved and looked-for than LEGOs.  We see them when we go into Walmart, Target, Kohls and other places (“brick and mortar” stores) – so we know that they are not difficult to find.  Not by a long shot – generally speaking, that is.

But – there are some things to know about shopping for kids’ LEGO sets – that is, that while most department and discount stores carry them, they very seldom have all of the new releases and inevitably the most popular and newer sets will sell out.  The solution to that I have found is to buy LEGO sets online – when you know where to find them, you can almost always find the “latest and greatest,” and you can find them for as good or better of a price than in the real-world stores.

Now – down to it…

Where to Buy Them Online

@ Amazon Toys – This is by far the best place overall I have found to buy LEGOs.  You can pretty much count on always finding a set you are searching for (especially the newer ones), and most of the time you can find it for the lowest price available.  However – there are some exceptions to this.  For example – it can happen that when a brand new set is released it will first be sold by a private seller, and sometimes those folks don’t seem to know any better than to jack up the price – taking advantage of buyers’ necessity.  Then again, usually when this happens other listings for that same set come out, causing an obvious “red flag” for the over-priced set and placing the seller in a position where they had better lower the price or no one will buy it from them.  At any rate, Amazon still has far and above the best selection and prices overall on LEGO sets.  Here is where to find the best-selling sets on Amazon for kids 5 -7 years of age.

@ – eBay is a goldmine when it comes to finding and buying LEGO sets.  I do however often see them over-priced (again mimicking the above – taking advantage of buyers’ necessity).  I also rather disgustedly come across easy-to-find sets that are advertised as “rare” or “hard to find,” which is basically a crock…  (Rant done.)  BUT – you can generally find any set you could possibly want, and if you look you will find it at the right price.  Also commonly there are bundled sets, hard to find sets and mini-figures, plus often free shipping.  Here is where to find LEGO sets for 5-7 year olds on

@ – Yep, possibly the most obvious place.  And – it is often preferred by online shoppers to buy products straight from the source.  There are a couple of downsides to shopping directly on LEGO though – namely the popular sets sometimes are out of stock (so there is a waiting time before it will be in stock, then the wait for shipping).  Also, you will find the prices straight across at retail price (except for sales), so you will probably pay a bit more than you will from other resources.  Here is where to find them for 5-6 year old girls and boys on

@ – In terms of pricing and availability, Walmart is also a great place to check (online that is – I have a hard time sometimes finding sets that I want to buy in the “brick and mortar” stores).  Far better than in terms of availability (at this writing), and their pricing is highly competitive, usually quite low.  Here is where to find them for 5-7 year olds @

@ – Just speaking in terms of finding LEGO sets, this is a another good place to look.  (I sometimes avoid even getting on this site though, due to the annoying pop-ups and the site seems to use up a LOT of memory which can make computers run slow.)  Usually you can find a set that you want (unless it is of the “hard to find” variety), and at a competitive or low price.  Here is where to find sets for 5-7 year old kids on

I can think of other resources, including Target and some others, but the above resources I have consistently found to be the consistently best places on the web to find LEGOs for boys and girls of all ages, and are the ones that I recommend.

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