Shopping Online for Natural Skin Moisturizers

Many women and men who are accustomed to searching out moisturizers that are most widely publicized may be surprised to know this: Not only are natural skin moisturizers just as (or more) effective in smoothing and softening skin, but they have also been shown to be healthier for skin over time, avoiding future problems caused by chemicals added to the creams and lotions.

That said – it is always a good thing to have a good “standby” online resource where you can find your favorite natural and organic moisturizers (other products too).

Based on my experience in this field (and I have had a good amount of it), here I will list out which sites I find to be the best, and to be the safest with best customer service.

Where to Buy Them Online

@ Seraj All Natural – While this is an online shop that provides one single brand of moisturizers, it happens to be that those moisturizers are – by customer testimonial (and my own personal experience) – the very best. Whether you are searching for a good body cream or something to moisturize your face — these creams have so much good stuff packed into ’em that you will be surprised at what they can be used for.  Bonus: They offer their creams in sample sizes so you can try them without a larger investment. Here is where to buy them.

@ – I love this shop. Not only are their prices downright low, but you can also (with a simple Google search or promotional email) find fantastic coupons to lower prices even more. Swanson carries a very large selection of natural and organic skin moisturizers – they have their own brand but also probably carry your favorite natural brand. Here is where to buy natural skin moisturizers from Swanson.

@ Amazon Beauty – Amazon has its very own “natural” store online. Normally I would recommend it more highly, but in this case it can be a matter of sifting through too many products to find what you might be looking for – I have noticed that non-relevant products are sometimes included in their stock, and you have to read pretty carefully to weed out the products that are not actually all natural and/or organic. Regardless of this, you can find a good amount of different natural moisturizers there, and some independent products that you might find to be your “new favorite.” Here is where to find them.

@ – My new favorite obsession is this site. It has hints of Amazon – with a fun way to shop at discount. The number of moisturizers I found with natural ingredients was surprising – and you might just find that you have a new favorite place to shop when you go here. Here is where to find them on Jet.

@ – I recently discovered Target as a super-good resource when it comes to buying natural and organic skin products, including natural body lotions and creams.  Love the selection, the prices aint too bad either.  Here is where to find them @

While there are other online resources – of course – the above are the places that I believe you will have the best luck in finding what you really love.

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Update notes:

This page was updated for available shopping resources on 11 Jan, 2017.

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