Shopping Online for NERF Blasters

NERF blasters are one of those types of items that when you shop in a single discount or department store, the sheer number of different types might be completely missed – at least in my experience, when I go to a Walmart, Target, or other store, while there are some really cool NERF guns there, the selection is pretty limited compared to what is actually available.

Shopping online is a different story.

There are so many to choose from that it’s actually pretty mind-blowing.

Another argument for shopping online – getting the most bang for the buck in terms of both selection and price.

Where to Buy Them Online

NERF blasters are not hard to find – however, finding them in their full glory (selection) can be a bit tricky unless you know where to look. After a few years of looking them over and writing about them, I can recommend four different resources where they have the best selection and prices online.

@ – Tons of ’em. While you probably will not be able to find every single blaster that has ever been made, you will likely come pretty darned close to it.  And – you can sort by popularity, star rating and price. (You can find some pretty cool ones for not as much as you might think!)  The prices and selection I have consistently found to be best here, at Amazon Toys.

@ – Second to Amazon in terms of overall selection, Wal-Mart’s prices are right too. You can find pretty much any kind of blaster that would completely satisfy even the most dedicated of NERF blaster fans – all the accessories and other fun stuff you could think of too. Probably. Here is where to find them @ WalMart.

@ – Good prices, good selection. They seem to have a been less in stock than WalMart, and certainly less than Amazon, but still a good place to shop with a decent selection and usually good low prices too.  Here is where to find them @

@ – While you can find far more in terms of numbers and probably selection here, I am listing eBay as my last recommendation due to the fact that there are SO MANY auction listings for them that it would be tough to sort through them and pick one out – for example by average star rating, like you can on Amazon. However, if you already have a blaster that you know that you want, I would recommend doing a search in eBay for that particular blaster, then finding a good deal on it rather than trying to sift through all the listings on the site. Here is where to find them on eBay.

There are some other places to look – if for one reason or another you want to dig further than the resources I give above, you can also give a check to Target and

Good luck and happy battling! 🙂

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