Shopping Online for Single Baby Strollers

Shopping for strollers might seem like a bit of a daunting task, especially for first-time parents. There are a number of aspects to consider including safety, comfort, function and convenience.

There is also this – budget. While all of us parents would love for their baby to have the sleekest, latest and greatest stroller out there, let’s face it – price can also be a factor. But – don’t fret! There are plenty of good quality single strollers out there that won’t break the budget. 🙂

Given the fact that there are so many factors involved with buying a stroller, shopping for one can also seem a bit overwhelming. Some websites are better than others in terms of their “parent friendly” interface, some have a better selection than others, and some have better prices in general.

All that said, here I will give you my recommendations on which sites are the best to look for and purchase them.

Where to Buy Them Online

@ Amazon Baby – Amazon is almost always my favorite online store to find and buy products – perhaps especially when it comes to strollers. There is more selection than any other single merchant site, the sorting options (on the left side of the page) make it super-simple to find a good one that fits individual needs and budgets. And, generally speaking, you will likely find just about any given stroller here for as good or better price than other merchant sites online – wonderful selection of standard single and lightweight strollers – and yes, plenty of options for joggers.  Here is a link to their strollers main store page.

@ – There have been some recent changes on eBay that have made shopping there much easier and simpler. (Good thing considering the sheer volume of choices!) On the left-hand side of the page you will see all kinds of sorting and filtering options to narrow your choices, including price, brand, features, etc. And, you are very likely to find strollers that have been “gently used,” giving your wallet a nice break. 🙂 (Tip: If you later find the need to upgrade your stroller, eBay is a great place to sell yours, since there are lots of parents out there that will appreciate getting yours for a less-than-new price.) Here is where to find single strollers on

@ BuyBuyBaby – Next to Amazon and eBay, this is where I found to have the best stock of strollers, and there are some decent markdowns. There are also some nice filtering options where you can zero in on the price range you have in mind, stroller weight and more – and plus, a clearance section (yay!) on the site that enables you to look through their available super-budget options. Here is the link to their strollers.

@ – What stands out to me right off the bat – how easy Target makes it to organize and navigate the strollers part of their site. It is not clear up front how much selection they have, but smack dab at the top of the page you can immediately start zeroing in on options such as standard or lightweight strollers, then moving down the page a bit there are more narrowing options on the left. One of the easier places to shop, and their prices appear to be at least competitive, with some of them marked down nicely.  Here is their strollers page.

@ – I love Kohls. When I lived near one, that was one of my favorite places to shop – and still love to browse and shop their site. Yep, they carry strollers – and if you have a Kohls card, you can really swing some great deals – perhaps better than any other site. (Make sure to research this – they often run promotions that allow you to buy products for next to nothing, if you know how to go about it – example: You can get a special offer for a percent or a certain dollar amount off with their member coupons and Kohls cash, and if you use that discount for items on sale you can get an amazing deal!)  I am listing it at a lower position simply for the fact that they have quite a bit less in terms of selection, but they are most definitely a great place to look – here is where to do it.

@ BabiesRUs – Decent selection here, but in my opinion kind of a pain to navigate around the site (I do not like popups!). You can narrow your options down by price range, brand and – interestingly – by character or theme. Worth a look if you are in the stage of comparing strollers and prices, and if you are searching for some of the more popular makes and models of strollers, chances are you will find them here. Here is a link to their strollers page.

While there are actually many websites that offer strollers and other baby products, the above sites are the ones that I recommend most highly with their selection, prices and ease of navigation.

Hope this has helped you on your search for just the right single stroller for you and your little one. 🙂


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