Shopping for Toddler Balance and Pedal Bikes Online

Especially for toddlers, it is important for parents and otherwise shoppers to choose bicycles that are not only fun, but safety is even more of a factor with kids in this age group. Also – for kids just learning how to ride a bike, there are versions of toddler bicycles that are better than others to give kids just the right first steps to mastering this skill.

All that said, I have a good amount of experience in the area of hunting down bicycles for kids online, including those for toddlers – here I will lay out my favorite resources, starting with the “best of” first.

Where to Buy Them Online

@ – Almost always my favorite place to shop – that holds true perhaps especially in this case. LOTS of toddler bicycles to choose from, whether you are searching for a pedal bike with training wheels or a high quality balance bike. Here is where to find them best of ’em on Amazon.

@ – I almost never rank this site so high on a “where to shop” list, but in this case I am making an exception. The selection of toddler bikes on ToysRUs is quite good, and the prices are quite a bit lower than most places you will find them online. (As a note – if you find one that you want from another site, this would be a good place to check for the same bike to compare prices.) Here is a link to their popular bikes for toddlers.

@ – Some good selection of both peddle and balance bikes.  Some of them are “REI only” (exclusive), and given that name generally stands for excellent quality, this would be a place I would recommend to check out.  Here is a link to their 12 inch pedal/training wheel bikes, here is a link to their balance bikes.

@ – I found a nice mix of toddler bikes here, and some really cute choices (including a Thomas the Train balance bike). Might want to check further into quality (when it comes to bikes you get what you pay for). One downside – there are tricycles and other ride-on toys mixed in with the bikes, but it’s not too hard to sift through. I also easily found quality bikes from Radio Flyer, YBike and Kettler. Overall a good place to look – here is the page where I found them.

@ – I’ll give a “B Minus” for their site navigation on this one. Once I got to the site to look for toddler bikes I was not able to find an exclusive category for toddler bikes (2-wheeled), so the pages I was able to browse through had other types of ride-ons mixed in, making it more difficult to take a good look at all the two-wheeled bikes on their site. On the other hand, I did find some really snazzy little bikes and this might be a great place if the toddler you’re shopping for loves character toys (Disney Frozen, Nickelodeon characters, etc.) – although some of the names on them I did not recognize, so you might want to do further research on their quality. In short – some good mixed in with some so-so stuff.  You can find them here on the site.

A final note – there are not an abundance of places to find toddler bikes online (at least not from sites that are very visible in the search engines).  However, with the 5 resources above you should be able to get a very good one – probably one that will work perfectly for any little one’s personal tastes and needs.

Additional Resources:

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