Where to Find the Best Toys for 7 Year Old Boys Online

As is true with other ages of boys, there are some online resources that are better than others for buying toys for boys age 7. However, there is some variance in finding them and where – boys at this age are sort of moving out of the realm of “little kids” toys and moving on up into the world of more educational and “smarter” (techie) toys – some of the items one could say do not even fall into the “toy” category.

All that said…

Where to Buy Them Online:

@ Amazon.com – As of this writing, Amazon is my most consistent recommendation for almost anything – including toys for boys at or around age 7. There is a huge variety, the prices are right (sometimes much lower than other online resources) and there is practically a limitless selection when it comes to STEM toys and other specialized types. As far as the specific search I used to find the best ones, here is where to look (for 5-7 year olds).

@ FatBrainToys.com – STEM and other educational toys are the highlight of this site, and it is far and above the best place to zero in on some super-fun and creative toys for both boys and girls. The site allows to sort through their toys specific to one specific age group (major plus) – and URL to find the ones for 7 year old boys is right here.

@ Walmart.com – While Walmart (the site) – in my humble opinion – has its downfalls, ample stock of toys for boys and girls by age is not one of them. You can usually find them much more easily than if you walked into one of their stores, and the prices are competitive – sometimes even lower than Amazon.com. Here is a link to find toys for boys in this age range.

@ Target.com – It was sort of a tossup between Target and ToysRUs, but Target wins out. You can occasionally find great breaks on prices, the various popular toys are usually easily in stock and the site is pretty darned user friendly. Here is a link to toys for boys @ Target (sorry, I was not able to filter them out by age).

@ ToysRUs.com – Please, please, please ToysRUs – change your site! I love the selection though – so if you don’t mind pop-ups and waiting a bit for pages to load, this is also a good place to check. The “brick and mortar” version of this store is often just as good – as a note. Here is where to find 5-7 year old boys’ toys @ ToysRUs.

@ eBay.com – I was hesitant to add eBay as a resource to shop for toys by age (because I did not think there was the ability to do that on their site). But guess what? You can! And – I love the toys for boys in this age group that are listed right here.

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