Shopping Online for Boys’ Toys (All Ages)

When it comes to shopping for kids’ toys, I have no shortage of online experience. Not only am I a mother (and shopper of toys for other people’s kiddos), but in a sense, I have actually been doing this as my occupation for about 8 years as of this writing.

Given that, for anyone out there who is wondering, “Where is the best place online to shop for boys’ toys?” – I have some pretty good answers if I do say so myself.

Some of the online merchants that I recommend are “no-brainers” for those who have any online shopping experience whatsoever, but others may come as a bit of a surprise.

All of that said, here are my recommendations…

Where to Buy Them Online

@ Top 10 – To be up-front, this is my site.  Perhaps this is a shameless plug, but I honestly do believe that it actually is the best place to buy toys for boys on the internet. Why: There are quite a number of lists of toys for boys including a general (all ages) list, and several “by age” lists.  Each list is carefully researched and cross-checked for level of popularity and consumer ratings. If while looking through a page the toys seem a bit too young for a specific kiddo, then move up a year, or visa versa.

Each recommended toy has usually two or three recommended shopping resources, where I recommend two or three online stores to find it and compare prices.

I actually put quite a bit of “leg work” into this, and I believe that the lists are helpful – at least that is my hope. 🙂   In short – it’s easy to find just the right toy/s, and for a low price.

You can search by looking over a general toys for boys list, or you can search for a specific age here.

@ Amazon Toys – In the site I mention above, this is the shopping resource I use the most for any category of toys. You can almost always find the “latest and greatest,” as well as having a better chance of finding it in stock than in any other online store. I rave about Amazon, especially when it comes to shopping for toys – very rarely to I find anything that is gripe-worthy and even if I do it usually is a pretty minor issue.  One more thing – they carry an amazing selection of STEM toys (my favorite). Here is where to find toys for boys on Amazon.

@ – One look at this site will pretty much tell you all you need to know – the toys that they sell here are incredibly entertaining, and as the name suggests, they provide more than just fun since toy is considered for its educational value. Also, you can almost always find some awesome markdown prices on a select group of toys. Here is where to find toys for boys on Fat Brain Toys.

@ – Especially at Christmas-time, WalMart comes through like a champ. A few years ago they started promoting their holiday lineup of toys by taking votes from kids as to which toys are the best – and I have noticed that this particular lineup is pretty darned consistent with which toys actually end up selling the most during the holiday season. Another strong point for Walmart is their low pricing, and their selection seems to continue to improve year after year. I have also noticed that the site seems to be easier to navigate than in the past. Here is where to find toys for boys @

@ – This is probably the epitome of the “no brainers” that I mention above – and while it is a good place to shop, it is most definitely not my first stop to find the best toys for either boys or girls. The selection tends to be fine, and the pricing is competitive, but I have found that fairly often that some featured toys are actually getting pretty negative reviews elsewhere. The site is also what I call “top heavy,” meaning it seems to take an enormous amount of memory on my computer (runs slow) and the pop-up that almost always comes up is incredibly annoying to me. All of this might sound a bit harsh, but it has consistently been the case over the years. (If they do change their site and my opinion changes, I will make it a point to come back to this article and modify this paragraph.) All that said, it nevertheless is a decent place find find toys for kids – here is where to find boys’ toys @

Obviously there are more places online to buy boys’ toys, but the above resources are probably the only places you will need – these are the ones that stay up-to-date on the “best of” toys lineups, having the most competitive pricing and the best selection.


Additional Resources:

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