Shopping Online for Girls’ Toys (All Ages)

It’s not a difficult chore to find just any toys for kids, but finding really good ones that they will likely love and play with is another story.

You can go into any discount or department store and see toys prominently displayed just about any time of the year, but especially right before and during the holiday shopping season.

So the question becomes – “Out of all the toys I see in this store, and out of all the girls’ toys I see online, how to know which ones are the best picks?”

Here I will share some of my own useful tips and tricks on shopping for girls’ toys – some things I have learned in my own “toy hunter” experience.

Where to Buy Toys for Girls Online – And How to Shop for Them

Shopping for Girls’ Toys on Amazon

Amazon has become a go-to resource in many people’s everyday shopping – especially during the holidays.  And it is a fabulous place to buy toys for kids due to its seemingly endless stock and very competitive prices.  But there are a few little tricks to know when shopping to narrow down your shopping options to make the job easier.

  • Amazon “Toys for Girls” page – This is probably the most obvious of all the suggestions I will provide here, but this page has a wealth of options for girls’ toy shopping.  Whether a girl is a fan of American Girl, arts and crafts, building toys or anything else, and no matter what age you are shopping for, there are areas right on this page to get the “narrow it down” process started.  Popular and trendy categories of toys are shown in an easy-to-browse fashion.  Tip – I would not immediately jump to the “by age” area if you are looking for a specific type of toy.  Find the types of toys you are searching for first, then narrow down those options by age range.  (I find it more difficult to sort through the types of toys when the process is done visa-versa.)
  • Finding toys for girls by age – Here is a trick that I often use, and it works well:  Right after landing on the toys for girls page, go to the search bar and type in “toys for girls” (without the quotes).   Now choose the age group you are looking for in the left sidebar.  Do it in that order, not visa versa.  (Here are the results of that search.)  If you’re searching for a “girls’ toy” – i.e., toys that are gender-specific, this is the way to find the toys that a little young lady will very likely be quite happy about.  (You can try doing it the other way to see what I am talking about – starting to sort by age first brings up a mish-mash of all kinds of toys and games and it can be confusing if you’re looking for the “latest and greatest” in the real toy favorites.)
  • Use the Amazon Toy Best-Sellers feature – While I don’t always find this part of the site particularly helpful, I usually at least give it a good look-over.  The best-sellers here are not always great choices.  For example – The “Cards Against Humanity” game is almost always somewhere toward the top of the best-sellers, but unless you buy it and find out for yourself, you will not know that this is not a young kids’ game – at all.  So why is it included in the toys and games category?  Well, because there are both kids’ and adult toys and games included in this category.  If you keep this point in mind and decide to use the best-sellers feature, just make sure you know you’re looking at before breaking out the credit card.
  • Toy “Movers and Shakers” –  The toy “movers and shakers” on Amazon are the toys that are gaining the most momentum in sales over a 24 hour period.  This is an area where you can find “hot toys” – while perhaps they may not have sold by the hundreds and thousands, they are moving up the ranks in sales faster than other toys.  Example – let’s say LEGO just released a new set in one of their uber-popular lines, and this is a good place to find out which ones are being grabbed up.
  • Holiday-Specific Shopping – Like other online stores, Amazon provides a holiday toy list that shoppers can peruse and find out which toys are very likely the best for Christmas gift-giving.  Here you will find that new doll for a Disney Frozen fan, new popular LEGOs, and in general which toys are predicted to get the most smiles and delighted squeals on Christmas.  🙂  I believe that this part of the site can also be narrowed down by age, in the left sidebar.

Toy Shopping for Girls on

To me, it is a bit easier to narrow down which toys kids love the most on, especially during the holiday season.  A smart move on their part – they decided to consult the true toy experts to compile their holiday “hot list” of toys – the kids themselves.  Each year when I do my looking and sorting through all of the toys for girls and boys by age and other categories, this is a resource I rely on more than the rest.  (Other sites brag that their “hot toy” lists are the best, but I think that Walmart actually has the insider scoop in the matter.)  🙂

Another benefit of shopping at Walmart online – shoppers have the option to be able to go to their local stores after ordering and pick up item/s.  (Love the “Site to Store” feature – I have used it myself and find it pretty handy.)

  • Finding the right toys for girls @ – This is a bit simpler than with Amazon, at least in my experience.   Simply go to the Walmart toys page, and if it is the holiday season, you will see the “Kids’ Picks” banner shown prominently on the page, so it’s easy to find.  Otherwise (if shopping during other times of the year), it’s still a pretty simple matter.  Start by going to the Toys for Girls page, then narrow down your options by age.  (You can find the ages in the left sidebar, and also usually down the page a bit.)  In my experience, Walmart is a bit more careful (or accurate) when including toys for girls by age – they seem to understand a bit more what you are actually looking for, and don’t mix in a bunch of other stuff in that may or may not be appropriate.

Toy Shopping for Girls at

ToysRUs is – of course – a pretty decent place to find kids’ toys online.  I list them as a final resource because I personally find the site a bit cumbersome, but it remains that it can be a good resource to at least narrow down some options.

  • Shopping during the holidays – ToysRUs has a pretty reliable resource when it comes to the holiday “hot toys” – The “Fabulous 15.”  These are the toys that ToysRUs specifically recommends as good gifts during the Christmas season and generally speaking, I agree with them.  You will probably see a number of toys on this list that match both Amazon and Walmart “hot toys” lists, but I have found that some of the toys that they are recommending might not be getting great reviews, and sometimes are “ToysRUs” specific (i.e., they are only sold on their site or in their stores).  I believe that these factors actually obscure which are the “best” toys and which ones might not be so great.  On the other hand, generally speaking, it is a good resource at least to browse around on.
  • Shopping during other times of the year – ToysRUs has a leg up here, with their Gift Finder page.  It makes it very easy and fast to narrow down results when shopping for a particular girl – you can first choose “toys for girls” (or “no gender preference,”) the age of the child and if you like the price range you are looking for.  You can further narrow down your options if you like by choosing favorite categories, brands, themes of toys if you already know this.  Doing this will give you some pretty decent results in terms of finding a toy that most girls would love in a particular age range.

The Easiest Shopping Option

The reason that I know how to go about finding the actual toys that kids love (not just the ones that are promoted the most) is that I do all of the above steps (and then some), on a regular basis.  This results in lists of toys for kids that are quite promising in terms of answering the question, “Will so-and-so kiddo love this?” with a resounding, “Yes!”

The Toys for Girls page on the Top 10 Store site shows the very top sellers for girls of all ages, but there are links toward the bottom of that page that allow you to break the shopping down into toys for girls of any specific age (through 10 years old).  Each of those pages will show a top 10 list of toys that you can shop from, also giving price comparisons from the stores that are currently offering those specific toys for the best prices.

That is all.  🙂

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