Online Shopping – Combat Boots for Women

A few years ago, women’s combat (or “military”) boots were all the rage. This year, while the trend seems to have waned a bit, they are still high up there on the fashion scale. I foresee that while they might not always be the “hot hot hot” footwear, I believe that they have found their position among women’s fashion to stay – there may be no more versatile footwear that looks great, and always has a bit of a fun ,”tough girl” look.

When it comes to shopping for combat boots, there most definitely are online merchants that carry the latest styles, there are some that practically have anything you could want, and there are those that are worth checking out to compare available colors, styles and prices.

Here I will start with those sites that seem to carry the most recently released styles and go from there.

Where to Buy Them Online:

@ – I swear by Zappos when it comes to women’s boots, and I likely always will. They have a consistent stream of new styles coming in, and always have a good stock of existing classic styles. They also make it easy to return boots for a different size or get a refund if the footwear you buy doesn’t work out for one reason or another. Here is a link to their new arrivals in combat boots, and here is a link to their bestsellers for the season.

@ – I love the most recent layout in their fashion pages – and yes, they have a huge selection of very cool looking combat boots for women. From brands all the way from the top names to more affordable styles, this is always a great place to shop (maybe better than Zappos in many cases). You can often find lower prices here than from other merchants. Here is a link to their combat boots for women.

@ – Shoebuy is also one of the best places online to check for women’s boots of any kind. While they seem to be a bit slower on pulling in the “latest and greatest” styles, they have a huge stock of established styles and it’s always worth a check to see if they have one of the newer ones as well. And – their prices are always quite competitive, and you can even often score some great coupon codes (check toward the top of the site to find any available). Here is where to look for their women’s combat boots.

@ – Finding combat boots on this site is not a challenge – but finding just the right one might be. While they are rather limited on their styles (mainly having earlier seasons’ footwear in stock), the prices here sure are hard to beat. At looking at their page with combat boots, I am finding styles that are marked down anywhere from about 20% to 70% off retail. Here is where to find their women’s military boots.

@ – You know, each time I check this site for styles of women’s boots I am more and more impressed. The layout of their site (and search pages) makes it easy to spot up some very cute styles of women’s combat boots right off the bat. And – they appear to stay right on top of newer styles from names like Steve Madden, G by Guess and a number of quite affordable styles. OK – so here is where to check out Macy’s women’s combat boots.

@ – While more limited in selection, regardless is a good place to find women’s footwear of any kind and there are the classic styles of combat boots available. They often have coupon codes available (advertised toward the top of the site pages) so you may be able to swing a great deal here too. Here is where to find their women’s combat boots in stock.

@ – Less than overly-impressed with their selection and layout. But – the names in this style of boots are there and there are some markdowns that I can see from retail (at this writing). Worth a shot if you are still looking at this point. 🙂 Here is where to find them.

@ – Yep, the prices are right. The reason that I don’t get overly excited about buying this particular item on eBay (and the reason eBay is listed lower than the rest) is that I see a lot of generic brands of combat boots and while the prices are way low, that usually means that you will also compromise quality and – well there is the old saying, “You get what you pay for.” Another point – it is likely that the very best prices you will find are for used boots – and I personally just cannot recommend going that route.  If you are on a strict budget, however, and if you are familiar with shopping on eBay (check the seller’s rating), this will be an excellent place to give a check to. Here is where to find their women’s styles in combat boots.

Hope that helps to point you in the right direction of just the right boot, at just the right price. 🙂


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