Living in the Pacific Northwest, the subject of rain boots is near and dear to my heart. Given that, I have taken up a new search – where to buy rain boots for women – online, that is.

When searching for boots to wear in wet weather, there are a few things that can override other importances – namely keeping feet dry, and perhaps warm if feet are sensitive or you live in a colder climate. Fashion needs also can come into play. So – knowing which ones to look for locks right in to the subject of where to buy them(?) on the internet.

I have quite a bit of experience in this field, given that I have done quite a bit along the line of women’s boots – so I know that I can point you in the right direction. 🙂  Here we go…

Where to Buy Them Online:

@ – This online store is far and above my favorite when it comes to buying footwear online. In terms of women’s rain boots, they have a fabulous (and BIG) selection, and while I won’t say that their prices are absolutely the lowest, I will say that they are strongly competitive when it comes to pricing, and their customer service is second to none. They make it super easy to exchange their products if they don’t fit quite right, and refunds are also easily done. Great company! Here is a link to their new arrival styles, and here is a link to their best-sellers.

@ – Almost always right at the top of my shopping preferences, Amazon also happens to have a fabulous selection of rain footwear for women, men and kids. In fact, in terms of lower priced brands, you can find a whole slew of different boots, and the prices are pretty much always great – maybe even the lowest you might find online. Here is where you can find them on Amazon.

@ – For those ladies searching for both quality and super-stylin’ looks, this site is at the peak of the cream of the crop. If you love the classic rain boots (that so many women are wearing these days), or if you want to stay right on top of the latest trends in rain footwear, this is the site to go to. Here is where to find their rain boots for women.

@ – LOW PRICES (!) is what this site is all about. In fact there are some jaw-dropping prices on women’s rain boots (and other types of footwear). You may have to search a bit more to find exactly the style and color you have in mind, and sometimes the available sizes are rather limited, but it is at the very least worth a look, especially if budget is a consideration when doing your shopping. Here is a link to find their women’s rain boots.

@ – I mistakenly approached this site with a bit of “doubting Thomas” on the subject of women’s rain boots. I was wrong. 🙂 There really is a nice selection, and it also appears that there is quite a bit of customer engagement on reviews – always a good sign. Good prices, and I also found some stylish and popular brand names in boots there. Here is where I found their women’s rain boots.

@ Macy’ – Another mistaken presumption I made before searching for rain boots here is that they would have too high of a price range, and I was wrong. Not only did I find some good markdown prices here, but I also found some adorable styles that I did not see anywhere else. (Ever heard of “tennis shoe rain boots”?) Styles from some of the best names in fashion and practical needs can be found right here.

@ – Super stylin’ looks in rain boots. Steve Madden always has some pretty rockin’ looks, and their rain boots for women are no exception to this. ‘Nuff said. Here is where to find their rain boots online.

@ – Last but perhaps not least. I love this store. They always have a huge selection of all kinds of footwear, and their prices can be pretty hard to beat. Free shipping, fabulous styles and low prices makes this a must-have stop along the way to finding great women’s footwear. Here is where I found the rain boots they have in stock for women.


Additional resource:

Best Women’s Rain Boots – Boots, Boots and Booties has the gen on which women’s rain boots are the best this year – which new styles are coming off the shelves, existing classics – all with great consumer reviews.

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