Shopping Online for the Best Wooden Playhouse Kits for Kids

I love outdoor playhouses – especially when constructed from wood. These little “homes” are more lifelike and cozier than their plastic counterparts.  Kids love them too – there may be nothing better than having your very own private space to play and pretend.

The subject of wooden playhouses for kids is one that I am quite familiar with, having already scoured the web to make recommendations on the best of ’em.   There are a number of different kits available – some larger and more elaborate, some smaller and simple – most of them are absolutely adorable.

Whether you already have a clear idea of what you are searching for, I most definitely can point you in the right direction of where to look online to buy them.  While you are here on this page, and if you decide to check out the resources below, I have a tip for you:  If you find one you like, chances are that it will be available on at least one additional online store.  Given that – it is a good idea to check out each of the resources below to not only find one you like, but to check for the same wooden playhouse on other sites to compare prices.

Here we gooooo….

Where to Buy Them Online

@ – Loving Home Depot for these playhouses!  On this site, I found the widest variety of wood-construction options.  Some of the kits are the same as you can find at other resources (below), and some are for larger, more elaborate houses – for those who have a larger outdoor space for it to “live.”  I found a few other un-related toys in with the group, so make sure to check the listings to ensure that they are made of wood (as opposed to plastic).  On the Home Depot site, here is the link to find wooden playhouses.

@ – Impressive stock of playhouses here!  At this writing, it seems that the ones listed toward the top of the page are the larger houses, and moving down the page I am able to see some smaller (and some familiar) ones which have correspondingly low price tags.  No matter what type of wooden playhouse you might have in mind, chances are very good that you will fall in love with at least one of them on this page.

@ – On Amazon I found some beautiful wooden playhouses, with probably the lowest overall prices online in general.  (Don’t take my word for that – that may change over time.)  Also, here I found some unique ones – quite unique in fact.  Make sure to closely check the overall consumer ratings (stars) and read the reviews carefully – sometimes people smack a product with a negative review for practically no reason at all, or for something else not having to do with product quality.  Normally I recommend Amazon over other sites, but in this case I give it a #3 rank below the two sites above.  One more tip – if you find one that you love, but you don’t see any ratings stars, consider skipping it.  I always opt for Amazon items that have great reviews (and hopefully plenty of them to judge from).  Here is the link to find them on Amazon Toys.

@ – The strongest point that I found on shopping for the kids’ wood playhouses at Walmart is the prices.  The selection here is less than the other above sites, but you very well may find just the one you want here, and you might also cash in on a lower price tag.  Also, make sure to keep an eye out for plastic versions – I see some plastic houses and toys mixed in here (despite filtering through the listings).  I at least recommend giving it a good look-see, which you can do here.

@ – I have become fonder and fonder of this website, and it is also a good resources to find outdoor playhouses for the kiddos.  There is a better-than-decent selection here, including some manufacturers and versions I have not seen on other sites.  On the prices – historically I have found Hayneedle to compete rather strongly, and it is a good idea to check them out on your price comparison “tour” – here is where to find them on Hayneedle.

@ – Some categories of products are better than others to look for on eBay – and wooden playhouses happens to be a great category.  Here I see a lot of them – almost 200 listings at this writing, some that are quite low-priced, some used but in good shape.  A few tips:  1) Make sure to check the review of the product before buying. You may have to look for ratings and reviews on another site – Amazon is a great place to find reviews (see link above).  2) Make sure to check the seller’s rating before buying, and 3) Use the filtering on the left-side bar of the page to narrow down search results more closely to what you might be looking for.  Here is where to find them on

@ – Hard to beat the prices, but easy to beat the selection.  Not much here in the way of kids’ wooden play houses, but it is worth a look – if you find the one you like you can possibly save a hundred or more dollars on the price.   (Be prepared to get a membership to the club to get the best deals.)  Here is where to find them @ Sam’s Club.

There they are – the best places I have found online to find kids’ outdoor wooden playhouses.  Have fun on your shopping trip around the web!  🙂

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